May 1999--Murder Burger, Davis, CA

Midweek Run #1

Wednesday Night had several Falconers and their Falcons (and a T-Bird) meeting up at the Murder Burger in Davis, California. We cruised over at 6:00 p.m. arriving shortly after 6:30. After greeting everyone we ordered some dinner....and when they said "frys under the Chicken Strips" they meant frys under the Chicken Strips. We even had enough to share with Mark and Vickie.

Along with the good food was some good conversation. Plans were made for the Picnic on June 19 at Mike and Sandy's house. If you are interested, let us know. June 9 is still for a Wednesday Night Cruise, but we may just skip it. The rest of the cruises are listed here

We also were able to check out some of the new stuff fellow falconers have added to their cars recently....kind of an imprompto tech minute.

Enjoy the Pictures

Several Falcons Another Shot Ray Johnson's Convertible Mike and Sandys new 'Falcon' Pat brought out his Convertible this time Mark and Vickie's Convertible Two 1960 Sedans (left)Geoff (Right)Billy A Bird of a Different feather Good Food and good conversation More discussion


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