The High Sierra Falcon Club

Horse and Belly's--Sunday, September 13, 1999

Fairfield, CA--Four Falcons flew into Fairfield on Sunday, September 13, 1999. One Falcon owner was missing his bird, but Billy still came and hitched a ride with Paul and Kathy. We started out the day when Paul and Kathy came to our house and took their Falcon off the trailer. There have been some stalling problems with their bird. However, we never did a long enough stretch on the road for it to heat up enough to start stalling.

We then headed to the Jelly Belly Factory. Along the way we caught a look at Chris and Peggy in their 65 Falcon Ranchero (aka The Bicycling Guitarist). They had made the trip down from Cloverdale as a warm up for their trip to the Air Races the next weekend in Reno!

Pat and Sherri Fay were already at the Jelly Belly Factory when we got there. We were able to get right in for the tour after a once over of the four Falcons parked next to each other. The best part of the Tour for most was the end when we got the free samples. Once back down stairs, we headed to the gift shop for the $5.00 Belly flops deformed Jelly Bellys...and you can get the second bag for $.01. Most also picked up some other samples too...Kathy and Paul found some really good Cappuccino flavored Jelly Bellys. We then were looking for a place to get some more pictures before we left, so I think it was Paul who said, let's line up under the arch. With some quick maneuvering, we were effectively able to totally block off their entrance for the pictures....we were just about to quit when the kind folks from Jelly Belly came out to ask us to leave, but we were able talk them into posing for a picture and they even gave us some cool key chains to hang our Falcon keys on. They would defiantly like us to come back again!

After heading home to our house for lunch we took the quick drive out to the train museum on 12. We got there just as a group of three wheeler bikes was heading for home. There were some very nice and very interesting bikes! We checked out the tram ride and then started checking out all their train stuff. The "speeders" were of special interest since they had been a topic of conversation of the day.

Chris, Peggy and family were first to head for home. They had a long way to go. Pat and Sherri made it back to our house before heading home to take care of their house....thanks for coming out even though you had just come home!!!

Carol and I want to thank those that came out. You can count on another invitation in the Spring when the Horses come back to the Bud Plant (the Horses left early Sunday a.m. for a parade, much to our chagrine!). We can make another day of it then!

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