The Ford Falcon in Argentina

Written By Bernardo Tarillion -- Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 1961 Ford Motor Argentina began the project to import the Ford Falcon from the United States. The first units were assembled in Argentina with the same engine as in The United States (177 cu. inch).

The success of the Falcon was so great that Ford Motor Argentina began to make it in Argentina with their own models. The first Argentine Falcon was built in the year 1964.

The first restyling of the face (grill) of the Falcon came 2 years later in 1966. The stetic was the same like his brother but the real change was the engine, a 188 cu. inch with 116 HP.

In 1968, along comes another engine called 188 XP (extra power). This one was made especially for the Argentinean Police with 20 HP more than the other.

In 1969 other big change was made, the front face and the rear were changed. The front came with four lights and the rear with other lights. Also the engine had changes, the 188 was available and a new engine with 136 HP(the 221 cu. inch) was an option. The transmission changed with a four-speed option, disk brakes on the front, air conditioner, and more new accessories.

In 1973 comes a new restyling. The first of the changes is on the face and rear, with four lights and new bumpers. The rear lights are no longer round; they are now oval with the rear light in the middle. This is the year that the first Falcon Sprint was offered with a special engine with 160 HP and a sport style like the Ford Mustang in the States. The Falcon Sprint was the fastest car from 0 to 100 built in Argentina, only 9.78 seconds. The top end speed was 194 Km/h.

On the end of 1978 comes a new Falcon with more comfort and a new external look. The form of the lights changed to rectangular. There were six different models available: The ¨Deluxe¨--this model only brings the standard accessories with two optional engines, the 188 and 221. The ¨Futura¨ with air conditioner and assisted direction (power steering), three different engine options, the 188, the 221 and the 221 SP (the same engine as the Sprint). Then comes the Falcon Sprint externally very same as the Futura but with special painting on the "power up engine". All these models are the Sedan with four doors. Then comes the ¨Ranchero¨ a Pickup with the 188 engine and only three-speed tranny. The other is the ¨Rural¨ model for family (the Station Wagon).

The last change of the Falcon was in 1983 with a new modern style but with same engines as earlier models. The new changes were inside with built in air conditioner and a new control panel, stereo player and some things more. There were five different models, the Standard, the Ghia (like the older Futura), the Ranchero, the Ghia SP and the Rural (Family).

This was the last change until 1991 when the last Falcon was built in Argentina.

In Argentina the Ford Falcon was called "The Ford T of the millennium". It was and is the most popular car ever built in Argentina.

Today are two race categories that use Falcons, it called TC, in Spanish "Turismo de Carretera", this race category is also the most popular in Argentina.

A Race Falcon
One of the Falcons on the Race Circut.

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