The High Sierra Falcon Club

Picnic/BBQ--Saturday, June 19, 1999


Saturday was a great time at Mike and Sandy's. In the shade of their big tree, we were able to talk issues of the day and check out Falcons. The pool felt really good and I think Jessi broke the "jumping in" record...she would still be there now if she could! Mark had some great Salmon for hor di vor's and then everyone brought out the BBQ fixings. I don't know who the official "winner" was, but there was some good food grilled up. The Randall's came the furthest and brought the youngest Falconer to the Picnic. They came all the way down from Cottonwood! Cool! After eating and some homemade raffle tickets were sold, many walked away w/ some cool stuff thanks to Mike and the others who brought raffle prizes. Paul and Kathy were supposed to come out, but were not able due to the nasty spider bite that Paul was battling. It was good to see Curt and Crista and Tony also! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Don't forget to hit the back button to get back from seeing each picture up close!

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